yvonne weber

curriculum vitae

Yvonne Weber, born 1977 in Egliswil near Zurich, lives and works in Ascona and Berlin. In 2007 she completed her advanced studies in process and product design at the University of the Arts Berlin.

She is working at the intersection of art, design and technology, developing generative systems involving digital media to make abstract digital information both tangible and thus real. Unhindered by the constraints of working with a specific media and influenced by science she is creating models and data sculptures based on algorithms and environmental data. Both research on the interplay of representations and reality as well as intervening in reality processes within open spaces play an important role in her work.

Artistic research on the embodiment of technology she was doing as part of the research project «Re-programmed Art» (2014), explored the impact of methods and approaches linked to open source hardware and software in the field of art at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), also during a Swiss artists-in-labs residency (2010) at the Snow and Avalanche Research Institution in Davos. There her research involved experiencing environmental data converting it back into an art form, to make it tangible.

Her work is published and exhibited among others at CentrePasquArt in Biel, at the Swiss Institute of Rom in Milan, the festival 80+1, at Ars Electronica in Linz, where the installation «Movement & Impact» (2009) showing the shift of perception on environmental data manifesting them live far from their capture and at first Media Facades Festival Berlin (2008), where the work «Moving Memories» focusing on memory and the awareness of a building augmented with an interactive facade.


lives und works in Ascona and Berlin

1977 born in Egliswil (near Zurich, Switzerland)
1993-96 apprenticeship as a tailoress (Switzerland)
2000-01 flight attendant for Swissair
2001-02 art and design foundation course / University of the Arts Zürich ZHdK (Switzerland)
2002-07 studied process and product design, class: interactive systems / University of the Arts Berlin UdK (Germany)
since 2015 member of visart.ticino (Switzerland)
since 2016 works at Cryos Laboratory / École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPFL (Switzerland)

scholarships and prizes

2018 «Concorso Arte Ascona», winner «Premio Monte Verità» - residency and solo exhibition on Monte Verità Ascona (Switzerland)
2014 «re-programmed art» recidency at SUPSI Lugano (Switzerland), supported by swiss arts counsil «Pro Helvetia»
2013 Fundaziun Nair, residency at contemporary art center Nairs (Switzerland)
2011 «Tanz mit Bruce#3» residency at the new shed in the iron mill Frauenfeld (Switzerland)
2010 swiss artist in labs residency at WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos (Switzerland)
2008 «Campillow», nominated by re | act international student festival for digital media art (Germany)

artworks exhibited in public space

2013 «yes sweetie-pie», intervention / Berlin-Newkolln (Germany)
2009 «Movement & Impact», 80+1 Festival / Ars Electronica, voestalpine & Linz09 / main square, Linz (Austria)
supported by swiss arts counsil «Pro Helvetia»
2008 «Moving Memories», Media Facades Festival Berlin / SAP media facade, Berlin-Mitte (Germany)


2017 «ARTE e PERTURBANTE», visarte.ticino in collaboration with the Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna Ascona / Casa Serodine Ascona (Switzerland) - group exhibition
2017 «SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLUM», visarte.ticino / Spazio Espositivo Ex-Macello Lugano (Switzerland) - group exhibition
2015 «Visarte in Mostra», visarte.ticino / Casa Serodine Ascona (Switzerland) - group exhibition
2015 «Dalle stelle alle stalle - Dalle stalle alle stelle», visarte.ticino / Casa Serodine Ascona (Switzerland) - group exhibition
2015 «Short Cuts», CentrePasqArt art center, Biel (Switzerland) - group exhibition
2015 «Re-Programmed Art» Instituto Svizzero di Roma, Milan (Italy) - group exhibition
2014 «Re-Programmed Art», exhibition of workshop prototypes / Museo Cantonale D'Arte, Lugano (Switzerland) - group exhibition
2013 «Snap to Grid» LACDA Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (USA) - group exhibition)
2012 «sculptural snowdata modulation», WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos (Switzerland) - solo exhibition
2011 «Realitätskonstruktionen», Tanz mit Bruce#3 / new shed in the iron mill, Frauenfeld (Switzerland) - group exhibition