Buchi aperti e buchi chiusi con nodi chirurgici

series «methods of manipulation»
plastic film, LED panel, polarizor film
70 x 70 cm

Within her current artwork the artist deals again with phenomena created through new technologies. The triumph of light had started during the Age of Enlightenment. Today the technology of light serves science for knowledge production as it also serves us in front of our screens. With her work «holes open and holes closed with a surgical node» the artist likes to reveal how things loom through scientific methods, but in the same moment these methods are creating new weirdness.

The work «Buchi aperti e buchi chiusi con nodi chirurgici» was created for the exhibition «art and uncanny» curated by Mara Folini (Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna Ascona) and Viana Conti in collaboration with visarte.ticino.

The work was honoured with the «Premio Monte Verità» within the scope of this year's «Concorso Arte Ascona» which was launched for the first time.