series «methods of manipulation»
plastic film, LED panel, polarizor film
30 x 30 cm
image image

The artists aim is to render visible how innovation is changing our perception. Scientists are the inventors of technologies as for example computers, internet, telescopes, microscopes, screens. With their scientific methods and instruments, scientists are interpreting the function of our environment. But they are also interpreting and in the same moment creating new pictures of the world. To show this process the artist works in the science department of a university and she is adapting scientific methods to create her art.

The series METHODS of MANIPULATION shows how light is used in material science to show stress and dysfunction in materials. The same principles apply in the setup of an LCD screen. The triumph of light and technology had started in the Age Enlightenment. Today light is not only a source of information in science, but also for us while daily staring at our personal screens.